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From simple origins in Yeppoon in the 90's, Roth Plumbing has continuously learned and grown to become a recognized industry leader in the delivery of exceptional residential, industrial and commercial plumbing and roofing services throughout Central Queensland. 

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Melissa Brooks

We would have been lost without the team at Roth Plumbing. The hot water system died in the Salon, they where there straight away to replace it for us! The joys of working with our local businesses !! Thanks boys!

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Heidi Lucht

I personally and Byfield can't thank you and the other local businesses enough for your assistance in our destruction. Thank you just don't even begin to be enough. I'm overwhelmed with all the kind beautiful people in our community and surrounding areas.

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Jason Merrifield

Twice we have needed them to come out in a hurry and they have been incredible. Explain all their work and complete it to the highest standards.


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Working with homeowners, investors and local businesses, we work to solve any plumbing or roofing issues with your home as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

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Engaging with various construction entities on larger scale projects, we aim to complete works with efficiency, professionalism and attention to detail finish. 

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Need a new roof? From homes to commercial buildings, We've got you covered. Our team of specialists will ensuring your entire roof and gutter systems look good & perform as they should.  


Lyndal Roth

They went beyond the call of duty to help us out with renovations in 2010, will be forever grateful to the Roth Plumbing Team.

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Narelle Humphries

Massive thanks and praise to Roth plumbing for our cyclone proof roof!!!! I had total confidence in my roof through cyclone M. Owe you guys big time!!!!! Anyone needing a new roof should get a Roth roof.

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Leinad Ttommem

Looked after us well a number of times. Reliable. Friendly. Local.


Roth Plumbing is your local plumbing and roofing specialists. With 30 years of building industry experience and an aim of completing every project with our absolute highest standard of craftsmanship, we have built a reputation for quality work, flexibility and customer loyalty.

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